How To Create A Likable Welcome Email For Your Blog

Mar 24, 2021   |   3 minutes  

You've set up an opt-in form on your blog and have started collecting email subscribers on your list. Time to celebrate a little: 🎉 Congrats!!
You took the first step towards building an email list and monetizing your blog more effectively (even if you're not sure how yet!)

If you are unsure why or what you will gain by growing your email list starting today, make sure you check out our blog post: 12 benefits for bloggers to grow an email marketing list.

Capitalizing from your email list is invaluable; you want to make sure your subscribers don't forget about you and trust you. This means you got to build a trusting relationship with them. A killer Welcome Email is where it starts.

Why is the Welcome Email so important?

The first email you send sets the tone! It informs your subscribers about who you are and what you are going to do for them.
Welcome emails are the most opened email in campaigns. It makes sense, right? The subscriber just gave you her email address, and they expect to hear from you. They are the most engaged now!


The anatomy of the Welcome Email

- Tell them, "thank you!"

They've just trusted you with their contact and offered a direct communication line to them, so don't forget to be thankful.

- Did you promise a lead magnet?

If yes, this is the time to deliver it. Don't make your subscriber wait for it.

- Introduce yourself and tell them what to expect

Craft your voice, tell your subscribers a little bit about yourself. Your emails need to feel like you, be personable, and reflect who you are.
Tell your subscriber what they can expect going forward. This part depends on your email strategy. Why did they sign up? Is this a newsletter? A blog post update? A short program?

It could be setting a sending schedule: Every Friday, I send out my curated list of reviews for you to watch.

Or the description of the program they've just signed up for: Over the next few days, we'll walk through all the steps you need to be successful in tackling your debt.

- Give them value already!

Maybe you have a list of must-read and most popular posts. Add the 3 or 5 links so they can hop around right now!

- Ask them to whitelist you by adding you to their contacts

Going to spam is no fun

- Start a dialogue: Ask them why they signed up? What are their struggles?

Build a relationship with your reader, get to know them better. By helping them, you're helping you! You might discover a gold nugget you never thought of before just by letting them tell you what they need. It could result in a new blog post idea, a burning pain-point, a freebie idea, or just serving them better, more tailored content. Your subscribers will feel listened to.

- Give them a way to contact you.

It can be direct access to your email. In my opinion, each email you send should come from you - not an info@yourdomain. You should also add the links to your social channels and link back to your site.

My favorite welcome email I received recently from the Tim Ferriss Blog