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Sidebar Flow

How to display a newsletter registration flow in a wordpress blog

How to embed the flow in Wordpress

  1. Copy the embed code for your flow
  2. In your Wordpress admin, navigate to Appearance / Widgets
  3. Drag the "custom HTML" widget from the available column into your Sidebar widgets
  4. In the custom HTML, leave the title blank and paste your embed code in the content box

Save and you have it! The flow should appear in the sidebar.

Tips for styling your sidebar flow

In your flow steps page on Leadjetty, click "Edit variant name & color" in the toolbar. Here you will be able to control the colors and the spacing around your form. 

  • Keep your spacing (theme padding) on desktop and mobile low to use the maximum of available space of your sidebar. 
  • You can also play with the contrast to get a background color to make your form stand out. 
As you play with the colors and padding, you will see a preview of what it looks like on mobile and desktop. Don't forget the save the changes once you are happy with them!

To get the following effect I used:

  • a theme color of 318787
  • the theme contrast set at 3. 
  • a padding on mobile and desktop of 1.0 You can use decimal numbers here to progressively increase of decrease the spacing on the sides of your flow.

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